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1. Donations go directly to the implementing agencies (Charles Darwin Foundation, or Galapagos National Park Directorate) or are managed by GCA.
2. GCA incurs only a few operational costs (running the website, bank fees etc) and asks for a contribution of 1 USD per donation to contribute to these costs, unless you specify that you prefer all of your donation to be used directly for the project.
3. The implementing agency will provide an annual breakdown of how the donation sent by GCA was used. This will be sent to all donors upon request.


Papayas and eggs to feed mangrove finch chicks in captivity


Two weeks fresh water supply for the field team


One day's camp supplies for the field team


One ascender climbing equipment to access nests up to 20m in the canopy


One week's participation and training for a local volunteer.


Two week's perishable supplies for hand rearing chicks.


One radio transmitter to monitor fledgling survival

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